New Advanced Neurofunctional Sports Performance Specialist Curriculum:
Important Message from Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco


McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Gray Line

What is acupuncture and what is it not?


Acupuncture is not a medical system, nor a substitute for medical knowledge, nor an entity on to itself. Acupuncture is a therapeutic intervention (a technique) that cannot be separated from the applications for which it is used, treating specific health dysfunctions (i.e., musculoskeletal pain and movement disorders, sports injuries, functional problems, problems of dysregulation, headaches, stress-related disorders, chronic pain, etc.). Acupuncture cannot be understood separately from human and animal physiology. It only exists when needles are inserted into humans or animals for therapeutic purposes, and there is no possible legitimate discussion of acupuncture in any other context.

McMaster Medical Acupuncture Program

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