Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program

Neurofunctional Treatment of Pain with Movement Disorders

Program Chair

Dr. Angelica Fargas-Babjak – Program Chair MD, FRCP(C)

Dr. Angelica Fargas-Babjak – Program Chair MD, FRCP(C)

Professor Emeritus in the Department of Anaesthesia at McMaster University. She is the co-founder of the Contemporary Acupuncture Program (1998) and she is the Program Chair of the Continuing Education Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program at McMaster University.

Dr. Angelica Fargas-Babjak developed an interest in non-pharmacological pain management early in her anesthesia career. In 1979 she began to study acupuncture and traveled to the Far East and European countries, including her native Czechoslovakia where acupuncture was included as a modality utilized in rehabilitation medicine since 1972.

She established the Acupuncture/Pain Clinic at the Hamilton Health Science Centre (1984) and was the director of this clinic until 2002. During her career, she has actively pursued clinical work and research in anesthesia, acupuncture and pain management and was involved in the undergraduate and postgraduate education in Health Sciences.

Dr. Fargas-Babjak was the past president of the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI) 1996-1999 and she is the current president of the Canadian Contemporary Acupuncture Association (2009).

Dr. Fargas-Babjak believes that the rational incorporation of acupuncture as a peripheral nerve stimulation technique into modern health care delivery will enhance long-term improvement of health and function in our aging population.