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Neurofunctional Treatment of Pain with Movement Disorders

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The list below is voluntary and does not include all graduates. If you are a McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program graduate who is not on the list below, you can ask to be added by emailing

First Name Last Name Profession City Country
Sabine Anani Sabine Anani Chiropractor (DC) Ottawa CA
Nicole Andrews Nicole Andrews Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) Oshawa CA
Stephanie ANISKO Stephanie Anisko Chiropractor (DC) Mississauga CA
Ken Ansell Ken Ansell Other Regina CA
Sreekanth Appukuttan Sreekanth Appukuttan Physiotherapist (PT) Hamilton CA
Judith Argue Judith Argue Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
Melissa Arlantico Melissa Arlantico Physiotherapist (PT) Woodbridge Canada
Joe Armour Joseph Armour Chiropractor (DC) Mt Pleasant
Adam Armstrong Adam Armstrong Chiropractor (DC) Oshawa CA
Sarah Arnold Sarah Arnold Please choose Gaithersburg
Jodi Arnott Jodi Arnott Physiotherapist (PT) Kitchener Canada
Justin Arseneau Justin Arseneau Chiropractor (DC) Toronto CA
Tony Asaro Tony Asaro Chiropractor (DC) Hamilton CA
Manju Asdhir Manju Asdhir Chiropractor (DC) Lindsay CA
Tyrrell Ashcroft Dr. Tyrrell Ashcroft Chiropractor (DC) Toronto CA
Rene Asselin Dr. Rene Asselin Chiropractor (DC) Collingwood CA
Katherine Au Katherine Au Chiropractor (DC) Toronto CA
Erin Auclair Erin Auclair Chiropractor (DC) Timmins CA
Alanna Augruso Alanna Augruso Physiotherapist (PT) Thunder Bay CA
Lizbeth Ayoub Lizbeth Ayoub Licensed Acupuncturist (DAc/TCM) Toronto/ Mississauga CA
Farhad Agha Babakhani Farhad Babakhani Chiropractor (DC) richmond hill CA
Kulvir Badesha Kulvir Badesha Physician (MD)
Parm Badwall Parm Badwall Chiropractor (DC) Brampton CA
Jihoon Tristan Bae Tristan Bae Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) Richmond Hill CA
Angela Bagnulo Angela Bagnulo Chiropractor (DC) Burlington and Mississauga CA
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