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Neurofunctional Treatment of Pain with Movement Disorders

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The list below is voluntary and does not include all graduates. If you are a McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program graduate who is not on the list below, you can ask to be added by emailing

First Name Last Name Profession City Country
William Tullock William Tullock Physician (MD) United States
Mathieu Turgeon Mathieu Turgeon Chiropractor (DC) Toronto Canada
Deborah Tuuk Deborah Tuuk Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) Kitchener Canada
Danielle Ufniak Danielle Ufniak Physiotherapist (PT) Bowmanville CA
Heather Ulrichsen Heather Ulrichsen Chiropractor (DC) Cochrane Canada
Benedetto Valerio Benedetto Valerio Chiropractor (DC) Mississauga Canada
Diane Valerio Diane Valerio Chiropractor (DC) Windsor Canada
Irma Van Andel Irma Van Andel Chiropractor (DC) Bradford CA
Clarissa Vandenbussche Clarissa Vandenbussche Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) Toronto Canada
Traci Burchall Traci Vander Byl Athletic Therapist (AT) Victoria Canada
Trevor Vander Doelen Dr. Trevor Vander Doelen Chiropractor (DC) Toronto Canada
Ada Vander Meer Ada Vander Meer Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) Etobicoke Canada
Paula Vanderburgh Paula Vanderburgh Chiropractor (DC) Ilderton Canada
John VARGO John Vargo Chiropractor (DC) Sarnia CA
Surabhi Venkatesh Surabhi Venkatesh Physiotherapist (PT) Toronto Canada
Amanda Verhoeve Amanda Verhoeve Physiotherapist (PT) Waterloo Canada
Michelle VERRILLI Michelle VERRILLI Chiropractor (DC) Canada
Andrena Videchak Andrena Videchak Chiropractor (DC) Grimsby Canada
cvoldner Christina Voldner Chiropractor (DC) Toronto Canada
Dr. Khushi Vora Dr. Khushi Vora Chiropractor (DC) Mississauga CA
Bridgette Walker Bridgette Walker Chiropractor (DC) Toronto Canada
Janet Walters Janet Walters Chiropractor (DC) Toronto CA
Yufang Wang Yufang Wang Licensed Acupuncturist (DAc/TCM) Dundas Canada
Simon Wang Simon Wang Chiropractor (DC) Toronto Canada
Jan Wanklyn Jan Wanklyn Other West Chester United States of America
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