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Shahrad Mavandadi D.D.S.; D.A.B.C.P.; F.A.A.C.P.

Dr. Mavandadi has been in private practice for more than 28 years, 12 years of which he has concentrated on treating TMJ dysfunction. Recognizing the need for expertise beyond general dentistry, Dr. Mavandadi has pursued additional education and accumulated over 1100 hours of continued education mostly in acupuncture modalities also eco vision, TMD application of bioresearch equipment and T scan assisted occlusion treatment. He also has been involve with receiving and providing education in(Orthodontic, Orthopedic Orthodontics, Whole body dental connection, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), ETPS or recently Known as MPS Therapy which is a new FDA approved therapy combining the principles of acupuncture and neurology with micro current stimulation, Craniosacral therapy, naturopathic medicine, sleep disorder dentistry).
Dr. Mavandadi is a graduate of University of Tehran Iran, also Graduate of National Dental Examination Board of Canada, licensed to practice dentistry in Canada. At the moment he is representing province of Ontario at International Association of Orthodontics. His thirst for knowledge and desire to help patients in pain motivated him to pursue the art of acupuncture and has received an advanced training in contemporary acupuncture technique for headache, pain of face and neck from Mc Master University, he also has gone through institute of advance TMJ study in La Mesa California and also functional prosthetic occlusion including cosmetic study and full mouth reconstruction.
Dr. Mavandadi has been presenting on the subject of TMD to the local dental organizations over the years.
Professional Associations:
Dr. Mavandadi is a member of:
Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario RCDSO
American Academy of Craniofacial Pain AACP
Ontario Dental Association ODA
Hamilton Academy of Dentistry HAD
Brant county dental Association BCDA
International association of orthodontics IAO
American Association functional orthodontics AAFO

Dr. Mavandadi is a Fellow of American Academy of Craniofacial Pain also holds Distinguished Fellow degree at the same academy. He is Diplomat and board certified at American Board of Craniofacial Pain, holding Master of Excellence title from the Board of American Academy of Craniofacial pain.

Continuing Education:
Over 1100 hours of continued education on Craniofacial
pain, Bioresearch, Orthodontics, Orthopedic orthodontic, Dental sleep medicine, Craniosacral treatment, Naturopathic medicine, Occlusal Cranial Balancing Technique, Dental Whole Body Connection, Quantum Nutrition Concepts.

12 years of TMD treatment experience in association by care arranged on occasion through Oral Surgeons, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Behavioral Psychologists, Physiotherapist, Podiatrists, Acupuncturists, Otolaryngologists has been delivered to many patients providing over 85% success rate.

Dr Mavandadi has established a private practice that is dealing with TMD patients and also sleeps disorder dentistry in Brantford Ontario Canada.

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Craniofacial Pain Management

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