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Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

It is my honour to be trusted.
listen to the needs, take time, referal to other health profesionals if needed.
All discusions is confidencial and client's privacy are protected.
7/24 Txt/ Email / phone for soft tissue conselling: Pre treatment advice; Post treatment feed back. Client's feed back is very valuable to both the client and me - please be free contact me.
Registered Massage Therapist:
Elmwood Spa, Yonge-Dandus, Toronto.
Samsara Day Spa.
Rayne Day Spa.
Great American Back Rub. Toronto.
Past Experience:
Registered Massage Therapist, Acupuncture and Massage ---- Sutherland-Chan downtown Toronto multiple offices: RoyalBank Centre / Bloor-Spadina / Atrium of Yonge-Dundas / Yonge-Eglinton Clinics.
RMT, Acupuncture. Head to Toe Wellness Clinic, Downtown Toronto.
Engineer, Nortel Networks, Research and Development Centre of Carlin, Ottawa.
MSE, Environmental Engineering, Lamar University of the state of the Texas.
Queen's University, kingston, Ontario.
Sutherland-Chan School and Clinic, Toronto.
----- Reflection of 2012 ------
year 2012 reflection: A Massage Therapist journal.
What is the difference between me and other Massage Therapist?
Learning -
I am learning from the humble and gifted massage therapist, such as Eric Delton, the Rolf practitioner and educator from the States; Robert Libbey of British Columbia; I am also learning from talented RMTs, such as Bruce McKinnon, Mitchell Thomson, and Mitchell Francis-Smith of instructors of Suthland-Chan School of Massage. My practice experienced dramatic improvement after I took the training from professor & MD. Alejandro Elorriaga of McMaster University in 2012.
Being humble and welling to learn -
The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. ‘the best RMT’ is nonsense to me.
Offering my best to the client -
Similar to Franz Liszt to his music, Euclid of Alexandria to the mathematic, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer to their Tennis, I am trying to make my treatment session as the best of my performance: It is the condensation and settlement from my life experience, from my discovery of the secret of the body, from the understanding of the human mind and the body systems; and from the expectation to the meaning of the pain and joy. Each treatment is offering, sharing and creative experience with my client.
Intellectually free spirit -
I openly and freely speak out what I thought, usually.

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