Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program

Neurofunctional Treatment of Pain and Dysfunction


Advanced Functional Assessment Program. I would highly recommend this course to any health care practitioner! I took both the main and the advanced course concurrently and it has totally changed the way I look at the body. I have become much more holistic in my practice and have a much greater understanding of both the nervous and fascial system. It has allowed me to get patients better quicker and has significantly increased my caseload as a result. Could not be more thankful that I took this course.

Inderjeet Takhar, PT

Cambridge, ON

I wanted to say “Thank you” to everybody who organized the “Advanced Functional Assessment of Sports Injuries and other Musculoskeletal Disorders” course and personally to Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco. The Course is very useful, informative, has a very practical approach and makes to understand that there are no borders to learn and to build up a new experience to be able to be a GOOD HEALTH PROVIDER. Absolutely, I am going to recommend this course to my colleagues and I am looking forward TO the next step in “Advanced Functional …” with Dr. Alejandro. Thank you again.

Iryna Chornenka, RMT

Woodbridge, ON

The Advanced Functional Assessment course has given me key concepts and clinical techniques that will allow me to advance my clinical experience exponentially. I have not found a course to be so enlightening and inspiring, getting the opportunity to train with an expert like Dr. Alejandro is invaluable.

Richard Lebert, RMT

London, ON

This course allowed me to address the musculoskeletal pathology with a broader paradigm, which certainly will bring me better results in the future.

Filipe Guimarães, MD

Braga, Portugal

Alejandro, I just wanted to thank you, because after taking the advanced courses, I feel 100 times more confident in my assessment and treatment approach, and the consistent, lasting and amazingly efficient results for patients is remarkable (and I thought what I was doing before was above average because it was still better then most practitioners, but I realize that what I was doing was average and maybe most practitioners are below average). As I go back and study the nuances of functional anatomy with each patient, I’m also better able to put things in clinical context, so what I’ve learnt from you is continuously giving back to me because i’m thinking about things from a true neurofunctional understanding. So thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience, I feel very grateful. I look forward to further growth in this approach and process!

Chris Michailidis, DC, BA Kin (Hons), Contemporary Acupuncture

Toronto, ON

After taking the McMaster acupuncture program, my clinical results absolutely skyrocketed. Furthermore, learning the neurofunctional model greatly helped in “mapping” patient dysfunction. Before I was confused, I felt that the other models were not comprehensive. The program gave me a framework to treat which has given me the confidence to treat anything that walks through the door. Lastly, the instructors of the program were fantastic, excellent teachers and now great mentors. I highly recommend getting involved with the program AND the culture with the McMaster acupuncture program.

Taran Ohson, DC

Hamilton, ON

First off, I want to thank you for what was easily the best continuing education course I have taken since graduating in 2008. I have taken numerous CEU courses, from FR to ART, and this easily has the most educational and clinical value. From the knowledgeable and caring instructors to the well-organized administration staff, the course was a pure joy and has definitely sparked my interest to continue my education and training in both acupuncture and my original craft. I highly recommend this course to any practitioner looking to improve their clinical skills and give them an edge in a competitive market.

Kirk Andrew, DC

Ingleside, ON

After being in practice for 8 years I found the approach presented by Dr. Elorriaga towards patient care to be refreshing and gave me more tools to utilize in practice. After taking the McMaster program I feel confident that my clinical skills and ability to care for patients are improved. The number of hands-on training and instructor to student ratio allowed for enhanced learning. I have taken other acupuncture courses and found by far Dr. Elorriaga’s program to be more in-depth and useful for daily practice.

Jeff Weekes, DC

Oakville ON

The Contemporary Acupuncture Course at McMaster provided me with the most relevant and practical medical information out of all the courses I have attended in 13 years of post-secondary education. The instructing team delivers a high-value course and the structure is geared toward retention of the material.

Jolene Palmer, DC

Saskatoon, SK

Very effective learning of needling technique and how to incorporate into practice.

Nick Barber, DC

DC, Barrie, ON
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