Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program

Neurofunctional Treatment of Pain and Dysfunction


I was given an extremely thorough instructional course with plenty of hands-on skills portion to ensure confidence in performing acupuncture. The instructors were invaluable and provided excellent training.

Dr. Anna Neff, Chiropractor (DC)

Milton Ontario, Canada | Dr. Anna Neff

The Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Course at McMaster University met and surpassed my expectations. The program and all the instructors involved helped to make the experience so well-rounded. We have plenty of hands-on learning both with needling workshops as well as in the anatomy cadaver labs; countless real-life case presentations that were interactive and included a round of acupuncture treatment. The book materials were and are still incredibly helpful as I transition into practice. The 5 weekends spread out really do help the learning process and enable participants to fully absorb and learn to use/apply the information. Great course, cannot wait to use it and help others!

Christine Rad, Chiropractor (DC)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Dr. Christine Rad

This course was excellent! There was a lot of both theory and a hands-on practical component. We had a wide range of instructors available to us, all with superior knowledge and willingness to be there to help at all times. I left the course feeling extremely confident that I had the skills needed to help my clients and the acupuncture is a perfect compliment to massage therapy and cupping services that I offer as well. I have done further studies in facial acupuncture. I have a well-rounded skills base largely in part to the medical acupuncture program at McMaster! Thank you!

Krysta Pratt, Registered Massage Therapist

Fonthill, Ontario, Canada | Krysta Pratt, BA, RMT

The McMaster acupuncture course was an excellent way to refresh anatomy knowledge, as well as add a great modality to treating MSK conditions that may not respond to traditional chiropractic care.

Dr. Brendan Dennis, Chiropractic

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada | Dennis Chiropractic

The Neurofunctional Operating system which this course is based upon has changed the way I assess and treat my clients in practice. It has helped me gain a better understanding of pain and dysfunction, giving me a new approach to treating injuries. I found it very helpful to have many hours of hands-on practice with a variety of needling techniques and learning relevant blueprint treatments.

Frances Leung, Physiotherapist

Toronto, Athlete's Care Sport Medicine Centres – Beach

The Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program helped me to further fine-tune my understanding of the nervous system pathways and their important role in treatment and rehabilitation settings. The course with it's practical and in-class portions was key to a full understanding of acupuncture and ensured that we as students got to experience and see the full effects.

Michelle Noorenberghe, RMT

Brampton, ON | Trainsmart Wellness

Dr. Elorriaga's course was certainly a game changer in my career. I will forever be indebted to him and his amazing faculty for the profound clinical pearls, insight and comprehensive approach to patient care. This course is essential for any and ALL medical professionals invested in providing the best delivery of care!

Geraldine Dapul

Rochester, New York, Unity Rehabilitation and Neurology- Rochester Regional Health

This course fundamentally changed my diagnostic approach.

Adam French, Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.)

Gouverneur, New York | Adam French LAc

Great course! With a wealth of knowledge. It truly exceeded my expectations.

Matthew Noji, Chiropractor (DC)

Lethbridge, Alberta | Noji Chiropractic

A world-class course that provides health professionals the confidence and certainty to provide high-quality care for their patients and clients.

Tyler Kong, Chiropractic

Mississauga, Ontario | Health & Healing Family Chiropractic
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Due to an OVERWHELMING response to the Advanced Course – a waiting list is now open. If this list reaches 16 before the end of October, an additional course will be added the weeks of Oct 28 to Nov 1, 2020 and Dec 2 to 6, 2020.

If you want to be added to the waiting list please use our contact form.