Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program

Neurofunctional Treatment of Pain with Movement Disorders


The McMaster neurofunctional acupuncture course was transformative for my ability to assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries: not only by learning neurofunctional acupuncture techniques themselves but by learning how to perform a comprehensive assessment to look for areas of dysfunction that may not always be noticeable by the patient but contribute to our injuries nonetheless. Incorporating these interventions into my medical practice and seeing great results every day is very gratifying, both for myself and my patients!

Dr. Adrienne Junek, Physician (MD)

Integrate Healthcare Collective, Ottawa, ON

I am a chiropractor currently practicing in Toronto and Orillia. I had the pleasure of taking the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program in 2015. After completing the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program, my approach to clinical practice changed quite significantly. My clinical model shifted from a reductionist model to a more holistic model, striving to improve overall function and health. This clinical mindset has been the foundation for how I assess and manage patients. I have found the versatility and effectiveness of the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture model allow for countless management strategies and has become critical in my clinical practice. The team of instructors for the program is a dynamic group of professionals across many health care disciplines. They have done a wonderful job in teaching the science behind contemporary medical acupuncture as well as guiding the students with practical applications. While I also use a variety of techniques in my practice, I believe that acupuncture is one of the most powerful techniques we can use to help patients achieve optimal health of their neuromusculoskeletal systems. I highly recommend this course for any health care professional!

Dr. Jonathon Ross, Chiropractor

Toronto/Orillia, ON

Can't imagine practicing all of these years without starting my career with this course. It set me up for success!

Kate Lingard, Chiropractor (DC)

Airdrie, Alberta, Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness

The McMaster acupuncture course has improved my ability as a manual therapist substantially. The course built upon and enhanced all of my knowledge and experience working with the human body, providing me with an exceptional framework for navigating physical dysfunction. Since implementing the neuro-functional approach to assessment and treatment, I have seen accelerated healing outcomes and outstanding results in my patients. Taking this program was one of the best choices I have ever made and elevated my ability to get people results with their health substantially.  Having used it for the past few months I cannot put it in words just how many I have not only introduced to the practice but changed their lives.  It is so direct and so efficient for achieving health goals. Highly recommended!

Stuart Mattila, Registered Massage Therapist

Collingwood, Ontario, Mountain Chiropractic and Natural Health

This course is, by far, the best course I’ve ever done! I cannot thank everyone at the McMaster Neurofunctional Acupuncture course enough! The approach to this course is exceptional. The lectures lay down the foundation of such a powerful tool and very clearly indicate how NFA is so effective. The instructors have so much knowledge and are so happy to share, yet also have the patience to guide you without overwhelming. Plus, the practical small group sizes give ample opportunity to practice and gain helpful input from instructors. The treatment workshops really showed what NFA can do and the results were amazing. The admin staff worked tirelessly, ensuring we knew all procedures and schedules ahead of time and were fully equipped with the relevant information, equipment and support. Even during a pandemic, when it was unknown whether the course could even be completed, the NFA team took on the challenge to get us through. All worked relentlessly to make sure we were informed of how the course would be modified, any queries were answered immediately and the content and learning opportunities remained consistent throughout. From online learning seminars and zoom anatomy labs, during the lockdown, to carefully selected small groups for the needling and hands-on portion, this course was, hands down, a game changer to my outlook on anatomy, treatment and my faith in humanity to make things happen for the greater good! I strongly recommend this course. I enjoyed every minute and had far too many ‘wow’ moments to count! Thank you all for such a positive experience!

Sam Churchill, RMT

Toronto, ON

This course provided the framework for how I practice every day and has given me the tools to confidently help anyone who comes into my practice. I found this course so beneficial that I am currently in the middle of taking the advanced program to further my knowledge and skill set.

Jack Harman, Chiropractor

Fonthill, Ontario, WIN...altra Health Clinic

I've always taken a multidisciplinary approach to therapy and treatment. Throughout my career, I've learned from every type of therapist and doctor, tried to understand their way of looking at things and began building a whole-body approach in my own mind. What this course did for me was really connect the missing pieces. The human body is a synergistic functioning unit with all parts affecting one another at all times. This course really starts to connect everything unlike any course or working professionals I've ever worked with so far (with the exception of the ones that already took and teach in this course!). If you don't leave this course thinking to yourself that it is so much you don't know or understand then you didn't go in with an open mind or humble enough. Even senior instructors in this course acknowledge there is so much we still don't know but we have a solid method for investigating and learning thanks to this.

Brendan Mooney, Registered Massage Therapist

Pickering, Ontario, End 2 End Therapy and Performance

This course has changed my practice and I cannot imagine practicing without it. Worth every penny.

Michael Lau, Chiropractor

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Dr. Michael Lau (Chiropractor)

This course was excellent. It required a lot of time and effort, and I travelled from Calgary to Hamilton for all 5 weekends. The course was recommended to me by colleagues who saw Dr. Elorriaga speak and I am glad I enrolled. It has changed the way I look at acute and chronic pain/dysfunction and therefore has changed the way I assess and treat clients who present with these complaints. The acupuncture is a handy modality to be able to use, but the real value in this course for me was the paradigm shift I experienced. I now strive to get really clear about what the nervous system might be doing, and using this as my basis for all future assessment and treatment decisions.

Michelle Sinclair, Physiotherapist

Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada | Michelle Sinclair (Physiotherapist)

I was given an extremely thorough instructional course with plenty of hands-on skills portion to ensure confidence in performing acupuncture. The instructors were invaluable and provided excellent training.

Dr. Anna Neff, Chiropractor (DC)

Milton Ontario, Canada | Dr. Anna Neff
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